Cat Mario Unblocked

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catmarioCat Mario Unblocked is an extremely fun flash game. This game is almost similar to Super Mario Bros. In this version, you are a white cat and you have to move fast as possible. However, there are enemies on all corners to prevent you from going through. Additionally, it becomes tricky when you come across pits along the way. They fall without following any sequence hence you should be alert. You are supposed to get power-ups to boost your energy, but some enemies come in form of power-ups that will attack you instead. The player has only one option to escape the enemy, avoid them by jumping. Every time an enemy attacks you, your energy decreases. If by any chance the enemy attacks you several times without using power-up, you become weak and the game ends. The game is not easy and cannot be compared to the normal super Mario.

For the Cat Mario Unblocked controls; To score points, the player has to jump the enemies. The best option is to jump and successfully land on them so that they are dead and you are safe. Controlling the cat is simple by use of the Left, Right and Up keys. The Left and Right Keys will move the can on the respective directions. The Up key is used for jump function.

When the game starts, the player has 3 lives. The aim or the target of the game is to try and finish without losing any life. On the right upper side of the game screen, there is a speed option where the player can speed the game or slow it. There is also an option to see the game performance such as lives remaining and coins collected. The player has options to see enemies ahead by clicking on the Attach Panel on the left hand side of the game screen. This option also enable the player to edit the game levels and difficulties by deciding the position of the enemies. However, to get this option the player has to achieve a certain level and unlock these features as bonus.

Cat Mario Unblocked was developed and created by Nintendo which is a Japanese video game design company.

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